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The KIT Group is a leader in integrated security, and mission support services. We provide solutions for Government agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations, respond to a wide variety of security challenges, high risk and complex environments across the globe.

We take the time to understand your security environment and work closely with you to develop a program that fits your needs. Whatever the mission is KIT assembles the finest professional talent form across the globe and implements methods and processes to success completing a safer environment for humanity while in accordance with local and international laws.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality key Personnel, Intelligence, and Training. We also understand that the people we are providing our services to dedicate their life to improving the safely and security for the next generation.  Every unit/team/group/command we train, serve, or support we get all their patches together on the end of the year. We pull one patch and donate part of our earning every year to the unit/team/group/command fallen foundation.

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After months of renditions and constantly improving the design, fit and quality, The Kit Group along with Benchmark FR is proud to announce that our Covert Body Armor is ready for purchase. We have consulted with industry professionals in the military, law enforcement, and first responder units. This product uses proprietary dry wicking fabric, as well as the same fire resistant fabric used in race car driver and first responders apparel. The vest is infused with the highest grade of Kevlar threading and military grade velcro attachments. The vest is fully adjustable and can hold soft armor in the front and rear pouches. Our vest comes complete with 2 level 3A armor plates capable of stopping up to a 44 magnum round. There is currently a three week production turn around time and we offer multiple unit discounts. Please contact us today to purchase your personal Covert Armor or a set for your entire team or family. 
email us at: products@thekitgroup.com